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Anybody saying less than 50K is just dreaming. Too many premium stuff on this car, like other said(seats, suspension, brakes, engine, chassis, trans/diff, lightweight glass,etc).IMO, I think it will be as faster than a 'base' Stingray. Stingray 3400lbs 450hp/450tq, Z28 3700lbs 505hp/470tq(race tires/suspension/etc). LS7 > LT1 all day long. The base Stingray wont have sticky tires like the Z28 and it will be more street than track. Z28 will be the ultimate track car. Sorry but plp cant compare Z28 and a Boss. 1LE beats the Boss and its heavier, cheaper, less hp. Z28 will laugh at any Boss.

Plus it will be very MSRP will go out of control!!
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