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Originally Posted by GearheadSS View Post
I wouldn't worry too much about that. I've stated before that when a sold order car pops up on the dealer website or autotrader, it's because the dealer has stocked the vehicle into their accounting system. The dealer website and autotrader automatically pull from the dealer's inventory, even if it's a sold order. I wouldn't worry about it. The dealer knows your car is sold right? All they have to do is tell anyone calling on it that it's already sold. Also, let's not kid ourselves into thinking that people are knocking down doors to buy these cars. Chances are, they won't have anyone call on the car between now and the time it arrives.

hotrodder9102's car was on our website from the time we got the invoice in February until sometime last week and we never got a call or lead on it during that time.

All is right with the world now. My dealer called this morning and informed me that my car arrived today. He "fast tracked" the prep work and I am going to pick it up this evening!!


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