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Originally Posted by roorback View Post
so what's the difference b/w the Z/28 and the 1LE besides HP?
Seriously? Go read post #1. It is more than just tires and a LS7.

The rear glass is thinner for lighter weight.
It has helical gear limited slip.
They didn't just remove the fog lights, they even removed the wiring harness to save weight.
They took out the back seat pass thru to save something like 6 pounds.
They engineered new back seats to pull all the weight out of them.
CARBON CERAMIC BRAKE ROTORS like on the ZR1 and Ferrari Enzo!
Fixed caliper front brakes.

It goes on and on and on and on and on and on. This is a big time re engineering of this car to kick total ass. Go read. Its all there.
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