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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
I gotta agree... maybe safe colors for the Impala or the Buick's... but this is a CAMARO! Bold beautiful, colors should match. Way too many Reds IMO. Ford has plenty of blues... let's get moving Chevy!

If they are revamping the Lansing Grand River plant for the 6th Gen they need to make the color capacity twice that of the Oshawa plant... I mean how much can that add to the overall renovation cost of the plant? Considering the overhauled the Oshawa plant and now this one, they have the money especially for the top selling performance car 3 years running
We have asked for a blue until we're blue in the face. If we don't see it now, we aren't getting it. If we're lucky the sixth gen will have an ABM oil fill cap.
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