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Originally Posted by GMTool View Post
For so many years of Camaro's thru the 70's,80's and 90's the Z-28 was a street driving option. No more, it's back to it's original roots. RACE CAR. Not intended for everyday street use. And race cars are expensive. The Z-28 will probably be the most expensive street legal Camaro. For us regular people, we have the SS and I hope the ZL1 and 1LE will still be options. There is something for everyone. I think this whole Chevy line up is just awesome.
The Camaro never was intended to be out of the price range for the average hard working has ALWAYS been a car you could buy on Saturday and race on Sunday if you wanted to...We enjoy getting our hands dirty and making them "ours" Never intended to be thought of as "Wear your wall street business suit on Friday and go out to your garage in your slippers and stare at it on Saturday and Sunday"
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