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Originally Posted by kalimus View Post
With no backwards compatibility, Sony can SMD. There's no good reason to not have this capability. The last thing I want is to keep multiple gaming consoles hooked up just to play the games I still like. And most of the people who bought the PS3 when it first came out took advantage of that to play their PS2 games. I still will have PS3 games I like to play (occasionally). I'm also still unsure about this whole thing that I've been hearing about not being able to buy used games/borrow friends games. I admit I haven't kept up on the reading, but does anyone know if that's still the case?
None of the new systems are backwards compatible, the new Xbox won't be either. The PS4 does have one thing going for it though and that is the new Cloud system where you will eventually be able to store all of your old games digitally and be able to play them at any time. Don't know when it will be fully implemented though.

The rumor about not being able to play used games is false. Sony confirmed back in Feb that the PS4 WILL be able to play used games.

The new Xbox however was confirmed back in Dec that it WILL NOT be able to play used games. Once a game is assigned to a Xbox account, only that account will be able to play it. The Xbox 720 also requires a internet connection to play any game, single player or multiplayer. If you have a lousy internet provider that constantly loses connection, then you will be sol.
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