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"Night it Up!"

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NightOwl RGB Halo Kit

NightOwl LED Systems is now ready to launch our first product. After a year and a half in development, and a product demonstration at Camaro Fest 3 in August 2012, we’re finally ready to get these products into your cars. I’m proud to have been a member of since September 2010, and I wanted this Camaro crowd to be the first to have our products. This is the best controller system available for automobiles. We are the manufacturer of these controllers, and the authors of the applications that control them.

For a background on us and our products, visit our introduction thread: Introducing NightOwl LED Systems and our website at

NightOwl RGB Halo Kit - For Camaro RS halos, this kit converts these lights into colored halos by replacing the LED inside it. This DOES NOT require you to bake your headlights to take them apart, nor can you even tell from the outside that anything is not stock. We didn’t invent this method...we just offer the best controllers. With the NightOwl system, you’ll control your halos with your smartphone, tablet, or iPod Touch. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices are all supported.

We are also offering this as an upgrade for JDP’s RS Color Changing Halo Package. We have been a fan of this kit since it came out. We just wanted to add better control. Our Package lets you retain the halo LEDs so that you don’t have to swap them again, and retains the wiring harness up to the controller. Simply unplug their controller and plug ours in. It is that simple. This turns your kit into a NightOwl system!

Features that set us apart:
  • WiFi control via smartphone/tablet. Every controller has unique security key. Nobody else can control your system.
  • Expandable system that allows you to add additional driver modules as part of your whole car system.
  • Master module communicates with driver modules wirelessly throughout the car.
  • Independent control over each halo.
  • 2 additional independent RGB ports on included controller.
  • Precise colors. The best control available anywhere.
  • Configurable programs for different effects.
  • Included controller can also control driving lights.
  • Programmable startup color for each device.
  • Color-correction for RGB LEDs - this lets you match the color of white for each LED or LED strip so that they all match. This also helps to match yellow, magenta, and cyan between different lights too.
  • The NightOwl RF Key Fob remote will only control your system, and others won't be able to control yours.
  • Every NightOwl system will have a unique WiFi SSID. Not limited to 16 choices like other WiFi controllers.

  • RGB Halo LEDs. (Included in full kit)
  • WiFi Master Module.
  • HP Module for driving halo LEDs, grill light, driving lights, etc.
  • Wiring harness including fuse box connectors, switch to select from battery/off/ignition. (Included in full kit)
  • Key fob remote with outstanding range. Program 4 of your favorite programs, plus off and default.
  • iOS 6.0+ App
  • Android 4.0+ App
  • Installation video and instructions.

  • Driving Light Harness - set your driving lights to always be on if you want. Independently control driving lights for strobe effects for car shows. Adjust brightness. ZL1 Driving Light Harnesses are also available. The ZL1 Harness allows you to control both the driving lights as well as the fog lights, while allowing your car to turn them on also. We can customize the harness for LT/SS cars with ZL1 front ends.
  • Grill Light - RGB LED strip to mount behind bumper and shines onto radiator for a cool glowing effect. Includes wiring and connector to plug right into controller.

NightOwl RGB Halo Kit

RGB Halo Upgrade Kit (upgrade for JDP’s Color Changing Halos)

Prices on our individual modules is here: NightOwl Modules

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