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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
GM gave the hardcore Z/28 guys EXACTLY what they wanted.
And more! I never would have guessed those brakes, but cool add!!!


Build your own poor boys Z/28 for the cost of a 1LE plus $20,000. for the LS7

List Price: $18,415.71
Price: $13,974.00
You Save: $4,441.71 (24%)
(add that $4,441 back on for misc. )

LS7 crate engine (P/N 19244098)


intake manifold with injectors

fuel rails
throttle body
dry sump oil pan
exhaust manifolds
flywheel & clutch
harmonic dampener
water pump and pulley
coil packs
spark plugs and wires
engine sensors

LS7 crate engine does not include:
injector wiring harness
dry sump oil lines
dry sump tank
engine beauty cover
engine processor
air filter/air box
accessories or accessory drive
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