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Originally Posted by Fenderaddict2 View Post
Been catching up on this thread. Lots of complaints about a lot of little things. Let's be perfectly clear, if you only have one car, this is not the car to have. This car is a weekend warrior, a summer night cruiser and a track car. This car is for the person who already has a daily driver and doesn't give a rats arse about the taillights or lack of a sound system. When they've done the rush hour commute and want to return to the pure pleasure of driving they pull this baby out of the garage and smile a self satisfied smile as they fire it up. If you want to think you have the baddest Camaro out there but can only afford one, get the ZL1, want a daily driver you can track, there's the 1LE. Concerned about looks, buy a big standard V8 model and customize to your hearts content. Just want to own a great looking car, consider the V6. Really GM has everyone finally covered and there's still bitching?!?!
Wow, it took a Mustang owner to put things into perspective, C'mom guys. If we really considered ourselves Camaro Fans, we'd love this car for what it is, a Camaro. I don't own a ZL1. I didn't just purchase a 1-LE car just last week. To be honest, I drive a 95 Z28 as my DD. I wish I could buy something newer, but being a single dad makes having a car payment a little tough, so, hence the 95. With that said, I love the 10-13 car, and after the reveal yesterday, I too love the 2014 car, especially the Z28. Yes, it isn't perfect, but neither are the 10-13 cars. I'll DD the 95 for hopefully another year or two, then the real question will be asked, a 98-02 SS to keep me from having a car payment, a 10-13 5TH Gen, or wait 3-4 years to pick up a used 2014 car? Either way, I will be pleased, since I will be driving a Camaro. I will attempt to own a Camarotill my dying day! Way to go GM, AWESOME JOB AND AWESOME CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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