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RWHP Question/ Gauge-Boost Question. Is my tune right?

So I just came back from tuning my Camaro SS L99 at Lethal Performance San Antonio. I installed the TVS 2300. I also have LG 1 7/8 headers, ported throttle body and no cats, factory air box with 22'' rims. My numbers came out to be 449 rwhp.475 torque. From what I have been reading I see people with the same setup has I got with 490-505 range with an automatic and 550 with the manuals. I don't think my dyno numbers should have been that low. I do feel the difference of power of course but could I be missing out on more power. They also installed my gauges as well and didn't really explain them to me but when was on cruise control the gauges would go up and down, especially the boost. I was also checking my gas mpg and it was 16mpg, I know some people are getting 23 mpg. I would really like yalls guys input to see if Im messing something.
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