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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
It's not like the old days I believe like in the 60's when you can choose what engine you want in you're car. For them to come out with the car now with that motor and all those enhancements was for a purpose - to establish dominance in that niche and to set the tone. Ford now has a tall order to come up with something that will match the Z/28.

For them to just put in the 427 in an SS with the available 1LE option was not the direction they wanted to go. And it's not just the Ceramic brakes, it's the other 200 changes they made to make it the Z/28.
I don't think Ford has to do anything. They have so many versions out there, it's ridiculous. Then they have a long history just as long as Chevrolet. We are the ones playing catch up. We just got a Supercharged model with a factory mind you. GM doesn't offer any packages to increase the HP unlike Ford. GM is headed in the right direction so I'll continue to stay along for the ride...
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