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2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Introduced (in Refreshed Style)!

Originally Posted by BrazenBeast View Post
What are you referring to about why it was brought back?

People said the same about the LS7 too. Look how that turned out. The LS9 is being phased out just like the LS7 so they may have some excess motors to get rid of soon. I also won't be surprized if some of the Z28 parts make thier way to the ZL1. Lighter wheels, brakes, seats (already confirmed)

By the way I like the Z28 and respect it for what it is. I would be adding one to the collection if it was in the budjet right now.
I hope it doesn't matter that the ZL1 raises $15,000 in price with the cost of the LS9 and required upgrades. The Engine alone is the price of a base Camaro.
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