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The size of the engine has nothing to do with ZL1 or Z28 or SS.

Welcome to 2013/14 where GM is stomping cars around the track left and right. Instead of settling for two of the fastest cars around a track, GM decided to slyly grin, and release a street-able car that will best the non-street legal Boss' out of Ford.

While people on here in-fight about whats better the ZL1 or the Z28. Who really cares? If you want a Z28 and you have a ZL1, obviously money isn't an issue so get one. If you have an SS and wanted the Z28 and it's out of your price range, go get a 1LE.

Chevrolet currently has three of the fastest cars around a track that you can buy for less than $60K (guessing on the Z28 price here). What else could we, as camaro owners want?

Sure that pesky '13 GT500 will go faster in a straight line, but let them have that. Our cars are more reliable, inspire confidence in corners, and are by far the better vehicle to own.

EDIT: Forgot, our cars that cost less than $60K are beating cars that cost 2-5x more. It's a good time to support General Motors.
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