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Originally Posted by flht99b View Post
Chevy builds or built this car, it's called a Z06. And it has creature comforts like A/C and a good audio system. I seriously doubt the new Z/28 at 3800 lbs can run with a like tire shod 3200 lbs Z06 on a road course, just the laws of physics. I can't wait to hear the complaints about the '14 Z/28 tires and brakes in real street use, they are far more race oriented than the ZL-1. Now anyone that has actually driven a Z06 on an extended trip on real street roads ( I have ) will tell you this is one uncomfortable car over extended seat times on the street. It is noisy, rough and even feels crude at times until the speedo gets into the triple digit range. The C6 Z06 is/was a track car with luxury amenities to satisfy the aging demographics of Corvette owners, bragging rights about a 427 505hp Corvette. Unfortunately most Z06's are garage queens and only see occasional duty carting golf clubs on the weekends. I really wanted the new Z/28 ( had 2 - '69's and a '79 ) BUT after seeing the 2014 Z/28, I'd rather spend the cash on a 1 or 2 year old Z06 and use my modded 2010 SS/RS for extended trips. Off topic but I'm curious as to where the GM engineers mounted the oil tank for the dry sump system in the 2014 Z/28. I also wonder if they finally separated the brake and clutch hydraulic systems reservoirs.
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There's a lil bit more to it than simply the Laws of Physics, but 600 lbs. is certainly a mitigating circumstance. However, sometimes the end product is MORE than the sum of its parts. And the GT500, for one, will find that out at the nearest Walmart/K-Mart/slalom/autocross/road course...

Since that 662 hp monster is going to be overcome by the next-Gen Mustang glacier, what could Dearborn possibly have up their sleeve for a head-to-head next April??
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