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Originally Posted by 2001ragtop View Post
They have 84-month car loans now. If a Z28 costs 65,000.00 and you put down 10,000. Your car payment could be as low as 700.00 a month. (with 2 percent interest financing which can be found at credit unions). Just save up a huge down payment if you really want one.

700.00 a month or even 800.00 a month is cheap for something like a ZL-1 or a Z28. And you can always keep refinancing it to help lower the payment later on.

There are ways where anyone can buy this car if you truly really want it.
Easier said than done. I'm a family man. IF I were single making the same amount of money. I would buy one in a heart beat.
Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
It's easy for everyone to say just get a 1le when the Z/28 has the looks to match the performance. The looks mean as much to me as the performance.
I just like the idea of being a stripper. I love the mechanical noises a car makes, the roughness, so on and so on. Yes I'm weird like that. For example my GTO has a twin disc clutch that makes all sorts of noises, loud and the supercharger noise. I love that.
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