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Originally Posted by King Nothing View Post
I only pointed out times because I've seen on this site and other sites people saying "oh the top dog is coming back out" and I've been meaning to post up no the z28 wasn't the top dog, the SS396 was faster. And the engine option was for the people saying GM is paying heritage to the past. I never agreed with the fact the current ZL1 didn't come with a 427 like in 69 and I think I spoke with one of the big dealerships back east that customize 5th gens about this right when it was released. Just my .02 though

My route is build a car to play with the big boys for 1/2 of what they are spending
But if I were to buy a 5th gen it would either be a 13 1LE or 13ZL1 since i don't like the 14's at all :(
Apples n oranges.

A high revving SB belongs in the Z/28 and that's what both the 1Gen and 5Gen have. The Z/28 is/was a roadracer. Yet performed great in the 1/4 mile as well. Those stats you put up don't tell the whole story as in rear gearing. You need to explore a little deeper.
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