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70 1/2 LT1 Z/28?

So a relative of mine has a 70 1/2 Z28. Originally a LT1 4 speed car. The 4 speed trans, and maybe the original rear end are gone. The car was bought new my him, and they pulled the LT1 and replaced the 4 speed and rear end. The car was drag raced.

I don't know a whole lot about the car. I know it won some drag racing championship back in the 70's. The lips of the quarters around the wheels were bent (not sure how to describe it) so that the bigger tires would clear. He said you cannot tell when you look down the side of the car... I don't know. I have personally never seen the car.

Now what I do know. The car has 500 miles on it. It has sat in a garage it's entire life aside from racing. The original LT1 is still in the possession of the owner. It was pulled at 12 miles and stored. My dad has seen the car and said aside from being messy, it looked extremely solid and would make a good project. I also know that myself and one other person have a chance at buying it. The other guy hasn't said anything in a year. So the car will sit until i try and make a move on it (if I do).

He told me the price now is $6,000. I could save up and get it later this year, but I am in high school and restoring a 79 trans am... So realistically it wouldn't make too much sense. He said the price in 5 years would probably be about the same too. Is it worth pursuing?

From what I can tell it would have looked exactly like this

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