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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
Yes, They will feel VERY VERY VERY different. Ones a GT car and one is a racecar. I'll let you figure it out.
I was talking about accelerate on the street. I know they are different cars, one is a car that nobody is really going to want to use in the real world when they can buy so many fast cars that aren't striped down.
Since it is a year out try not putting your tops down, don't use your air, no stereo, and put junk tires so you have a lot road noise, drive it all summer and tell me you would still want this car. The ZL1 and the C7 Stingray are so close in performance, why give everything else up? If you want a track car buy a used Z06 for less money. When it comes to spending real money, not just saying on Camaro5 that are going to get one, very few people will buy this car.

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