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Couple of things

Tires are only 26.2" tall vs. 27.9 for 1LE and 28.7 for LS, LT and SS.
So there is a 6.5 percent torque multiplication advantage vs. the 1LE tire, rearend, transmission package. Cruising rpms are 6.5 percent higher as well.

Somebody said that it will have the best power to weight ratio of any Camaro. I don't know if that is true but if the ZL1 s 7.1 lbs per hp. And the Z28 is 7 lbs per hp for example, and it weighs 3750 lbs, then the the LS7 will have to have 535 hp.

I don't think they are going to get 535 hp unless the do a little something to the cam but that is the calculation.

Regardless, this car is going to be a badass and highly collectible.
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