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Originally Posted by Davie Dynamite View Post
I'm pretty excited to see the 1LE... and then order it... and then drive it.
Same here. Can you share anymore information on the 1LE or tell us when we will be able to see one?

As for all the negative comments, maybe some people have forgotten that we had no Camaro from 03-09. I think sometimes people post things they normally wouldn't say to someone in person not thinking about how harsh they may come off as. My first new car was a 1998 Camaro SS. I kept it for 12 years and really enjoyed that car. I also had an 86 Z28 in high school that I had a ton of fun with. Next year I plan on ordering a 1LE. I can't wait to go a pick it up with my 5 year old son. He has the car bug bad. I brought home a 2013 brochure and he actually hugged the page with the orange SS on it!
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