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Very nice write up Scott as always. I can honestly say that at first I was one of the people that wasn't to found of what I saw but was not going to say anything for certain until I can make the final judgment in person and certainly wasn't going to say anything with foul language or harsh judgment towards the hard work that every body at Team Camaro has put into it.

But in being foolish I made my initial assumptions on the refresh with the pictures that had been put up on C5 from the morning show. Now those pictures where no pictures to judge this car. With the new pictures showing up from multiple users I can honestly say that I have changed my initial judgment. I honestly have grown to like the refresh in its own way and can't wait to see the new Camaro in person. But as always the 10s will always have a special place to me since they are what brought back the Camaro to my generation.

And now that the "top dog" Z/28 is back a new generation can see the legend unfold.
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