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Originally Posted by BDBiker View Post
Reminds me of my youth, when I was 16 I bought a like new a '69 Camaro from a neighbor that was getting a divorce. I had earned every penny that went into paying for it, and trust me, I truly appreciated what I had. I kept that car until my wife talked me into trading it for a car with automatic transmission, air, power windows, etc. I have regretted that sale since the day I did it.
Enjoy your ride, and give thanks daily for a step-dad and mother like you have!
I'm hoping im able to keep this car for a really long time, trying to keep it in the best possible condition.

Im truly blessed to have such great parents.

I know what you mean, all the money i've gotten this past year has gone into my mods, feels great knowing that i paid for it all!
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