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Originally Posted by Ron66Vette&10SS View Post
Even though the ZL1 has better power to weight....the Z28 has better tires in back, better gearing and 300lbs less to get moving....I think the Z28 will be just as fast (or faster) than the ZL1 in the 1/4. long as they don't neuter it with excessive torque management (like they did to the ZL1)
I doubt it will be faster than the ZL1 in the 1/4. Its a track car not a drag car. Also we have no ideal what the "final" gearing would be. People thought the 1LE gearing was much lower than a SS, until they found that GM had changed the trans ratios effectively making the gearing almost the same. So what this means is that even though the Z/28 has 3:91's, the ZL1 may have lower gearing overall. As far as speed, the Z/28 will be a track dominator, but on the 1/4 no way. I remember before the ZL1 was raced on the 1/4 everyone was saying how fast it was, then the actual 1/4 mile runs began, and they did disappoint.

One thing I can bank on it that the Z/28 will be fast around a track, but in the 1/4, I would put my $$$$ on the ZL1. I could be wrong but time will tell.
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