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DIY: Seafoam a Camaro LLT V6

Performing the Seafoam process on the 2010-2011 Camaro LLT V6.

I am not responsible for anyones screw ups. As I followed all the Seafoam guidelines and just modified some little things for the LLT owners.

To perform the Seafoam cleaning process you will need the following items.

1. Pliers (for the clamp on the Booster hose)
2. A funnel (for pouring the Seafoam)
3. 2 cans of liquid Seafoam or you can use the STP version which is cheaper (like "CooG" pointed out).
4. 1 can of the Deep Creep Seafoam spray.
5. Flat head screwdriver.

5 & 6 are needed when performing the oil change after driving NO MORE THAN 250 miles with Seafoam (I do mine after 100 miles).

5. 6 quarts of oil
6. 1 oil filter

Ok now to start the process.

1. Fuel injector cleaning:

Fill the gas tank up with 91' - 93' octane. Shake up 1 can of the liquid Seafoam and POUR IT ALL into the gas tank. Then drive around just enough to mix up the Seafoam with the gas. You don't have to drive the tank empty right away, just drive it like normal and fill it up when you reach empty. Also do not fill up the tank until it is almost empty.

2. Cleaning your Crankshaft

Before starting this step your engine must be cold. Now grab the 2nd can of Seafoam and shake it up. Pour HALF the can into the engine oil spout. Next drive the car for NO MORE THAN 250 MILES casually. I do my oil change at 50 - 100 miles. When you change the oil it will be extremely black and thick. The oil filter will be in bad shape so make sure you change it also. Also if you have a catch can empty it out as it will collect some of the nasty oil.

3. Top End / IM Cleaning pt. 1

Ok first things first, make sure your can is parked in a well ventilated area. Because the car depending how bad your build up will smoke up the place. Then let the car warm up completely, wait about 5 - 10 minutes (also when the car enters the high idle phase and finishes this isn't proper engine warm up).

Now shut the car off and locate the Booster Hose (pictured below with the gray tape) and grab you pliers along with the screwdriver. (The booster hose is a pressure/vacuum hose so it will be hard to take off) Squeeze off the clamp and begin to pull the hose off. You may need the screwdriver to help get the hose off by wiggle it off (this will be a hard task just don't break nothing).

Once the hose is off grab the funnel and that HALF CAN OF SEAFOAM YOU HAVE LEFT and shake it up (the STP Seafoam version comes with a funnel attached if you look at my picture at the beginning). Plug the funnel into the hose securely. Now start the car up, the car will idle very high between 2k - 3k RPMs because of the disconnected Booster Hose. The funnel will begin to suck in air at this point, now take the half can of Seafoam. Mentally in your head divide that half can of Seafoam into 3 equal parts. Pour the first 3rd in SLOWLY as the suction will suck it in. At this point while your pouring the engine will begin to sputter and choke (but we don't want to stall the engine YET). The engine bay may get smokey during this process so don't panic. Now pour the second 3rd in the same way as the first 3rd. Finally you will take the last 3rd and quickly pour it in the funnel. The idea this last time is to stall the engine and trap the last Seafoam gulp in the cylinders. If the engine doesn't stall with the final gulp QUICKLY shut off the engine. Let the engine sit for 15 - 20 minutes so the Seafoam can soak in good.

Optional 1 3. Top End / IM Cleaning pt. 2

Grab the Seafoam Deep Creep spray can and un-mounting your intake system and opening the Throttle Body blade with you fingers. When opened spray in the Seafoam deep into the IM with a side to side motion. You will want to spray most of the can into the IM. When done reinstall your intake and tighten everything back up. All this is done with the engine off and the cylinders still soaking from the Booster Hose Seafoam.

4. The Start Up and Smoke Show

Now that the car has sat for 15 - 20 minutes and you have sprayed the IM down it's time to start the engine. It may take a few attempts to start the engine but this is normal. (Remember that we flooded the engine earlier with the liquid Seafoam) Once started press on the gas to get the RPM's up to 1500 (do not high rev the engine). If the car doesn't smoke or doesn't smoke to badly it's because it wasn't that dirty.

Now let the car idle for 10 - 15 minutes. After that is the fun part , take the car out for a spin. You will want to drive the car like you stole it, high RPM sprints on the road are needed. So choose a road that isn't to crowded as you will be smoking up the street. The car will be smoking badly at this point if engine is very dirty.

Optional 2 3. Top End / IM Cleaning pt. 2

This is for those that don't want to take apart their intake systems. After finishing the Booster Hose portion and starting the car back up. While the car is idling for those 10 - 15 minutes grab the Seafoam Deep Creep. Disconnect the plastic line leading into the throttle body. When you do this the car will idle funny again as of a result of the disconnected line. Stick the spray tube in the nosel and spray most of the can in there. It will idle high then low as you spray so don't freak out. Then go back and do step 4 above.


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