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Originally Posted by Fast6.3 View Post
thats one sweet build Nathan you are an inspiration to us all
Thanks Fast! I'm glad I've been able to contribute to such a great community here.

Details on Cradle:

In keeping with the goal of dropping 400 lbs, I replaced the factory cradle with Extreme Innovations chrome moly tubular cradle. The original is 63 lbs. The standard Extreme cradle is only 34.5 lbs. By the way, this cradle has been used in to all out track cars, one of which Pfadt Racing was involved with.

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My cradle is even lighter as I will be making custom brackets to mount the radiator, therefore I had no need to have the rails go passed the cross member, so I had Craig cut them short and weld in an end caps.

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Here you can see the cradle on the jig before he shortens the rails.

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Here you can see where the rails have been shortened.

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The level of workmanship is over the top. All the welds are this nice!

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My decision to incorporate Pfadt suspension components has motivated me to bring every other part of the build to next level. As their pieces are engineering ART pieces.

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Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow. I will be updating the thread daily at least for the next couple of weeks till I get caught up with were I am in the project.

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