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Originally Posted by Banshee View Post
If it is the gas cap, the computer (PCM) will relearn the normal code after throwing the code. It took a few days and key cycles (start and stop) for the SES light to go off in my T/A after I replaced the MAF, O2's or TPS.

Unplugging the battery IMO is not recommended as the entire car may have to relearn ALL the settings (A/F ratio, throttle settings etc.) over the same 40 or so cycling starts and you are only prolonging the fix. Car will run rough until relearns.

This is a simple problem that with a few days should fix itself. If after that, SES light stays on, see a dealer.
Thanks very much for the detailed explanation. It sounds like I should just keep my appointment with the dealer in the morning and let him run the MDI diognostic on it.

By letting the dealer do this, can he reset just that sensor without resetting the entire settings of sensors. I would hate to have to reset all the sensors as you stated the battery unplugging would do and then my car have to relearn the program again.

It almost sounds like I should just see if it fixes itself eventually....hmmm
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