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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
Simply incredible...

I hope I get to see this G5.R in person some day.
Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Wow, that looks absolutely amazing Nathan!
Originally Posted by Megatron View Post
Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by 130R View Post
Nice work. Where is your shop?
In my garage.

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************************************************** ****

It was a hell of a PITA to detach the control arm from the spindle. I took it to my friend's shop from church. We first tried pressing it out but it was a no go.

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Finally after several failed attempts, we decided to give it heat and it finally popped.

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Since I am taking the complete suspension apart, I figured I'd detail everything! The spindle on the right is in progress with a lot more to do. The red circle on the left upright highlights two more humps that I will also be grinding off. The one that has a bolt hole is to mount the back plate for the stock brakes, but since Iím replacing them, there's no need for the extra ounces of aluminum, LOL... So I'm grinding it off.

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Here you can see a side by side comparison. The three humps were removed as they are just part of the casting process.

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Once I had them completely sanded. I polished them to a mirror finish. (Reference the one on the left) Next thing I did was to tape off the areas where bolts are going through. I didn't want to add paint to those areas and deal with the paint getting jacked up when I'd tighten the bolts. I sanded blasted them again to create paint adherence. (Reference the one on the right)

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Next came a light coat of etching primer.

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And finally ......... the finished product. I painted in a cast aluminum finish.
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