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It's a Synergy thing..
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Sure didn't feel like Winter today. A few of us did an impromptu Easter cruise up to Greenwater today, and something weird happened:

Four went out....
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And five came back!
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While we were on the side of the road for a photo op, a SGM Camaro drove by! We waved like maniacs, but when it disappeared around the corner, I thought it was gone forever. A few seconds later it re-appeared and pulled into line with us. We spent a little time on the side of the road getting to know the nice couple that came with the car, then we headed back down 410 to Buckley where we planned to stop and eat at Wally's. They tagged along with our little Camarovan all the way.
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It was nice meeting Chelsea and Jared (hope I got those right.) and I hope they'll be joining us here on C5, and at other upcoming events including Wally's again in August!
Today turned out to be a good Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

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It's a Camaro thing...
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