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New build on the horizon here (parts ordered, just gotta put together)
heres a teaser (Mini-ITX..I really want to build a tiny low cost gaming rig lol)
I will say theres a HD 7970 (taken out of trifire) and a 2600k in it (CPU before I upgraded to 3770k on last build)

Originally Posted by mikeyg36 View Post
Well... I don't need it for anything else, so basically whatever it takes to melt my face in BF4 awesomeness. I can get Windows for free (not pirated) so that frees up about $150.
well a budget will help in what type of parts we advise you to get.
if not heck, we can tell you to get 4 titans (~$4k) or 2 gtx 690s (~$2k)
and thats just in graphics cards

Originally Posted by nikos30 View Post
maybe look into getting a modular power supply if you want better cable arrangements
this, getting a semi modular or full modular is a great way to begin cable management

plus getting a case with space behind the motherboard also helps

Edit: I just realized I haven't uploaded the interior shot of my latest rig (i uploaded the desk shot lol)
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