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Originally Posted by mikeyg36 View Post
Okay, but getting the best cards possible doesnt meen it will run BF4 the absolute best. I'm assuming there's a cut off point where a better card will yield the same results as a cheaper one. Lets go with $1500 though.
there is a cutoff, but it depends on your monitors resolution/ refresh rate/ and how many monitors (eyefinity/surround)
if its only 1920x1080 then yes, no point in buying anything extreme.
lets face it, if its a 60hz 1080p monitor and a 7850/660 gets you 60-80fps in a game, its no different than a 7970/680 getting 120-140 fps in same game same settings
as far as what to get now? I would think its too early to really say what to get. Only safe thing to say is get a top tier card/CPU. Once system specs come out (if they did come out I'm not aware) for BF4 then it'll be easy to plan around it.
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