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Originally Posted by Cruz'n 45th View Post
I have a Light Right all in one harness and was wondering if there would be any issue or compatibility concerns with connecting complete set?
I'm not familiar with this at all. I'll try to research it.

Originally Posted by Camaro1002 View Post
I have the JDP color changing kit but have trouble a lot of time with the actual halos changing colors. Maybe the remote or receiver box. If upgrading to the nightowl kit will I have the same problem or will I be able to change the halos anytime I want?
It will no longer be a JDP kit after the upgrade, and you'll have no problems with colors or the remote.

Originally Posted by Venom SS View Post
For RS models would you be able to control when the halos and fog lights are in during driving...also are there different mode like "pulse" and what not
Please see our website on a description of our different program types. Each program type is configurable also. The descriptions are under "How It Works".

Originally Posted by c_LoW29 View Post
Just curious! What exactly does the upgrade to the JDP kit do that makes it worth $400 not to be disrespectful in anyway just trying to see what you would kit with a $400 upgrade. I know you have a list of things that it does but could you elaborate a little more.
Thanks for asking. Our kit is not the cheapest out there. We never tried to make it the cheapest. We just made it the best. That may not be what everyone wants, we know that. If you start with the JDP kit, you'll leave their LEDs in place, as well as the wiring harness up to the controller. You'll unplug their controller, and plug ours in. Our controller that we will use here is our HP module, which has been installed in a weather-resistant case, complete with all wiring and connectors ready to connect to their LEDs and wiring harness. This driver module includes over 4 times more outputs, and drives the halo LEDs with very efficient method instead of using large inefficient power resistors that produce heat.

In addition to a much more capable and efficient controller, the upgrade kit includes our wifi master module. This allows you to connect with a smartphone, tablet, etc. to control your system.

With the app on the smartphone, tablet, etc. you can create as many different programs as you want. We'll be creating a video in the next few weeks to show more of the functionality and flexibility.

Additionally we include a simple key fob remote that you can any 4 programs to, turn everything off, or set everything back to each device's default color.

The apps will be free. We didn't want to charge for them after you just spent money buying the system. This didn't seem right. But the software is the most expensive part for us to create. We have to build it into the cost of the hardware.

But with our kits (both our own as well as this upgrade kit), you'll have full independent control over the colors. Whites can be dialed in to match your driving lights or your headlights. Other LEDs can be color-matched so that when you turn them all to white, they are all white. Not some pink or purple or blue. Orange can be your perfect orange. Yellow...well you get the picture.

Originally Posted by Lamperouge View Post
AWESOME! Is this product only for apple users? Me and a few other camaro members were talking about this and were interested, but then were sad to learn that none of us have an iPhone.

Any love for Android users?
Android users will feel the love! We are working on it. We didn't want to hold up the products any longer. The Android app will be out this summer. For Android users, if you can't wait, then you could pick up a used iPod Touch 4th or 5th generation, and then sell it when the Android app comes out. I know this isn't ideal, and won't sit well with everyone, but we didn't want to make the iOS people wait any longer.
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