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Originally Posted by Gigachip View Post
then here is a starting list Cost ~$1100
others in the thread will for sure give their opinions
I'm just posting these items cause I like/trust the brands
GPU(GTX 670 follows close behind a 680 so with OC'ing it matches a stock 680. plus it has 4gb of RAM for visuals)
CPU(PS4 and I'm assuming the new xbox are using AMD CPUs, might as well get one too)
CPU Cooler one of those
Actually........ the 670 (particularly the 4gb) typically only benchmarks 4-5% slower than a 680. Is an extra 5% (even 6%) worth an extra $130 price jump? Hardly.

A friend and I did a real world test just to see. I had a single 670 4gb, he had a single 680 4gb. Neither were superclocked.

He only outran me by 1-2 FPS. He lost a bet that day. He swore that he'd outrun my vid card by at least 15 FPS.

If you've got the pocket for it by all means, go big or go home. Me personnaly, if I did it again today, I'd still run 2 of these:

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