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Originally Posted by Ice992 View Post
Actually........ the 670 (particularly the 4gb) typically only benchmarks 4-5% slower than a 680. Is an extra 5% (even 6%) worth an extra $130 price jump? Hardly.
thats what I'm saying
Though I don't have a 680 to compare my 670 to.
I've ran it on my PC (3770k OC'd 4.5ghz) in sli vs the 7970 in xfire as well
below are just 2 of my benchmarks I've ran.

Galaxy reference 670s
GTX 670s SLI

Visiontek reference 7970s(bios flashed to Ghz Editions)
Radeon HD 7970 xfire

for solos I ended up only doing the AMD card solo on my intel pc :( I ran the 670 solo on my fx cpu

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