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Originally Posted by *007 View Post
Questions I have:

I have no doubts the LS7 is very capable of 1/4 mile runs equal to a ZL1. It sounds like it is being denied that glory from a corporate positioning.

We shall learn as we go. It does look to me that both are capable of sub 12 times with small tweaks but it also appears the availability of a LS7 Z/28 will be limited to a pretty short time span before the next Gens are exposed.
I agree with you, but I think the getting into the 11's will take more than a few tweaks. GM has already stated its a track car, they never mentioned drag racing with it.

I know weight is a great factor as my old 45th LS3 M6 vert felt quite a bit slower than my friends LS3 M6 coupe as there is a few hundred pound difference. The ZL1 feels noticeably quicker than the SS coupe, but its got 150 more horsepower and 3:73's opposed to 3:45's. Mind you the SS has a deeper 1st and 2nd (3.01 and 2.07) compared to the ZL1's (2.66 and 1.78).

The Z/28 will have about 75hp less HP and ftlbs of torque than the ZL1, but its a little lighter. I'm guessing the Z/28 will not have the same rear end as the ZL1 as weight was such an issue. A drag car needs a heavier diff than a track car as a drag car has to deal with the enormous torque at launch.
It will be a good race

Its anybody's guess but I'll bet the ZL1 takes the Z in the 1/4

Anyway you swing it, both cars as awesome cars, they are just designed for different purposes.
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