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Originally Posted by mikeyg36 View Post
I have no idea what y'all are talking about... Just tell me which one's better
thats what we were talking about lol
the 670 is only slightly behind the 680(and the 7970 Ghz Ed.)
670 4gb version = ~$450 (just guessing a near avg)
680 4gb v. = ~$550 (again..just guessing near avg)
7970 Ghz Ed. 3gb = ~$450

what we were saying is, with the 670 slightly behind the 680 in performance, the cost value isn't really justified.
from playing at 1600x900 resolution (slightly smaller than 1080 btw) crysis 3 on my 670 (2gb version) was being used ~95% of its RAM.
trade off between the 670 and 7970 ghz ed. Being around the same price:
faster clocks / beating/matching 680 now
only 3gb of ram
slightly slower than 680
more RAM than 7970
less power hungry

actually, let me restate that...
for the $450 market I'd pick the GTX 670 4gb model
if I was in the $550 market I'd get the 7970 6gb Ghz Ed. model

EDIT: BUT since you're playing on a tv just get 670 :P
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