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Originally Posted by swazworth View Post
i'm with you tag.

that was my first thought when mythic posted the link a couple of weeks ago.
Hell, yeah! Could you imagine? And a cam upgrade wouldn't be that expensive either! could buy aftermarket, have a buddies shop put it in, void the warranty on the engine, and suffer the consequences when something goes wrong..... OR, we can do something like this! I just hope that it would be possible for us to order it like this. All from GMMP....all under warranty. Wouldn't that be sweet if you could do this and have it be a one of a kind?!?!
Originally Posted by Jose_The_Great_Cuervo View Post
I'm kinda ignorant when it comes to whats under the hood but wouldn't a cam hurt gas mileage?

What are the benefits of installing a performance cam to my future stock engine???? I heard under adding a cam requires extra engine upgrades and can hurt performance if not done right.

Can someone answer these quick questions in Laman's terms?
Probably won't help on gas mileage.
benefits? HP!!!
Adding a cam (depending on the cam and specs of the engine) might require upgraded springs, roller rockers, headers, etc, etc. This does not sound like further upgrades are necessary.
Performance being hurt? Heck no! Unless pinky the brain installs it for you.
Originally Posted by smontana16 View Post
If you have GM install thier Hotcam it wont void your warrenty as were an LG motorsports cam will.
EXACTLY. I'd go with whatever GMMP sells and raise that HP an easy 50hp for a few hundred bucks.
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