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Some people feel as though the Camaro lives in the shadow of the “big brother” Corvette. And this seems like the first time that a Camaro gets technology or performance gear the Corvette doesn’t yet have. Has the Camaro been elevated to a higher status in the company?

It was never in our eyes, you know, big brother/little brother. The two cars are unique unto themselves. I mean, we’re the only manufacturer that delivers this kind of performance in two separate cars. Dodge comes close with the SRT Viper and Challenger, but even then it’s not really an Apples to Apples comparison. Our cars are designed to be pushing the limits, and figuring out what we can do and how we can translate that to other vehicle lines.

So this whole conversation about the Corvette being the tip of the spear, and the Camaro as the little brother…they both serve a great function for both the consumers and for us, internally. And the great thing is, because they’re both Chevrolets, we can share a lot of the technology and make both better than any competitor out there.
Thank you! Can we stop now with the comments that GM won't make a Camaro as expensive or as fast as a Corvette? I really can't stand it when people say that.
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