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Originally Posted by jrohan07 View Post
Were you able to re use your leather boot for the hurst?
How did you get the coller off the boot?
I put in a MGW. My retro knob shaft has a diameter with a groove machined into it. After removing the collar you invert the boot and pull it up over the knob so the bottom edge is just below the groove. You then put a zip tie into the groove and pull it tight. The stock 2010 boot and collar are done this way.

The 2013 collar has a chrome half and a black half that is hidden under the boot. There are 4 little locking tabs holding the two together. You pit a few little screw drivers under the tabs and the halves will seperate. The boot is sandwiched in with a bit of trim glue but if you pull slow and careful it will seperate.
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