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Originally Posted by HelloWorld View Post
Agreed. The interior is clearly the weakest point in the 5th gen package and needs improvement. But I wouldn't want wood inserts either.
Agreed. I think the overall design of the 5th gen interior is pretty cool and a nice departure from most average interiors. But the execution still has some issues.

Too much hard plastic is a given. Door panels and dash. They look OK when brand new but scratch easily. I've scratched the heck out of my door panel with my watch & ring, reaching back for my seat belt.

The door panel design looks great but I don't care at all for the chrome loop interior door handles. The loop is just not a convenient design. This is a case where the standard/average design just makes more sense. An L-Shaped handle (or better yet, button like the Corvette) is just easier to use.

They finally got rid of the hideous "Lost in Space robot" looking radio/head unit and replaced it with a much better looking color screen. But there's still something about the center stack area that looks a bit like an afterthought. That area could use a little re-work in the 6th gen.

I still think the AC/Heat vent above the radio should be improved. A change was made here in 2012 but it still looks wrong IMO - it wasn't really an improvment - just a change. This vent area is one of the first things that everyone in the car sees. It should be somewhat of a jewel in the interior. And I really dislike the two "knobs" on either side of this vent used to change air direction. They just exude cheap. Other knobs in the interior have a much better effort in the "perceived quality" category. For example, the HUD and Headlight knobs are nicely designed with a little chrome trim that make them look a lot more expensive than they are. Some kind of treatment needs to be done to the heat/ac vent knobs.

And c'mon, it's 2013... it's beyond ridiculous that there is no OPTION for automatic climate control. I'm one of the "set it and forget it" people when it comes to climante control. In this car, I have to adjust it constantly.

Contrary to the changes made to the rear of the car for 2014, I like all of the changes made to the interior thus far - so Kudos to Helen ! A few more tweaks and this interior could really rock.
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