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Originally Posted by LeanPocket View Post
its a 454 tho..
I'm OK with the extra 100lbs, I like the brand specific GM LSX 454 over ERL or RHS aluminum copy cats.
- I'm aiming for 650 crank with a little massage work to the crate version.

"So, just what kind of real world strength are we talking about, then? With GM's aluminum LS7 and C5R blocks having been known to withstand quadruple-digit power numbers in certain applications, the LSX looks to better these values substantially. Explains Bates, "Cast iron is inherently stronger than aluminum, so we're expecting to see some really solid numbers before we see any type of critical failures. We truly don't know the limit of this block right now, as there is a whole lot more to it than just our mathematics and computer simulations. But I can say that when we worked out the engineering on this block, everything was done with an eye toward withstanding 2,000-2,500 hp.""
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