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I don't think that people understand the expense of building a car like the Z/28 today. I was privileged to meet the 'test pilot' for the original GTO. They called him that because he held a private pilot license. I asked what the testing was for the GTO. If you pull up an aerial of the Tech Center you'll see a road that runs on the edge of the property. He took a mule out and ran it around that road. He git it up to 100 MPH and pronounced it good to go.

In 1966 there were few safety standards, no EPA regulation and the Z/28 had a whopping 290 HP which if rated today would be lower. The Z/28 is lower than a production SS or ZL1. It had to be crash tested $$$$. They deleted wires that would not be used to create a Z/28 specific wiring harness. It had to be validated $$$$ The dry sump system for the LS7 had to be validated $$$$ The design for the ultra light weight wheels had to be tested and pass the crater like pot hole tests that GM requires for validation $$$$ If it is different than what you find in a standard production Camaro it had to be validated $$$$. The lead engineer wanted to use a new F1 style valve system for the Z/28 struts. This technology has never been used in a street car. $$$$ validation of that system to GM standards $$$$Every where you look at the ZL1 or Z/28 you should be seeing $$$$$

I have been involved in numerous 5th Gen Camaro builds. They ain't cheap. Forgeline wheels retail at 5K with lightening pockets, titanium hardware and internal TPMS. A set of 4 Michelin Pilot Sport Cups cost $2,600 at Tire Rack. A Brembo GT-R brake kit retails at $18,000 with iron rotors. Add another $6,000 at a discount for CC rotors. The lowest price I found for an LS7 crate motor is just under $14,000. We are at $45,000 without labor, without a dry sump system, without headers, without Recaro seating, without suspension upgrades and you have to have a Pedders Justice System on a Z/28 like build which adds another $6,000 in parts. We are now over $50,000 is parts and I used discounted prices for the LS7, tires and brakes. Add that to the cost of a 1LE. We'll part out the discards to reduce costs $10,000 and we are at $80,000.

I am sure many of you will look at the numbers and say you can do it for less. Maybe you can, but as a business owner that gets promotional product and deeply discounted product my builds are still expensive. It is never a bolt and go. It is a bolt, test, adjust, tweak again, almost perfect almost done, almost done... If the Z/28 rolls out at $80,000 it would be the same price bump as the Z06 over a base Vette. The same LS7, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Weight Savings...

I am not sure I understand what people were expecting when the pricing already exists with the Vette.
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