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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
Where did you order the race ramps from?
Directly from Race Ramps

Originally Posted by 572HP View Post
I love my race ramps (just for getting my low front end into my trailer). This kit would be very nice.
Joe, my thoughts exactly! G5.R is going to be pretty lower with 19" and a drop. So I didn't want to be jacking the car and potentially jacking up the bottom. I put my brothers car on it and it gives you tremendous clearance.

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
those ramps are so bad ass!

Originally Posted by Mr. Unassailable View Post
Looking good.

- Clayton. Official C5Fail4 hater.
Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
+1 Those are awesome!
Originally Posted by 1977and2010 View Post
Those are nice but dam you'd need a seperate trailer just for the ramps.
Thanks guys!

Quick update:

Motor mounts

I will say these mounts are very artsy for a factory piece. So I figured they could use some


This shows all the insignia that was removed.

Name:  005-16.jpg
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You can see seems in this picture that were removed.

Name:  011-15.jpg
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After......... much cleaner

Name:  001-15.jpg
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This one shows a lot of rough casting and grinding marks.... go figure

Name:  009-17.jpg
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Name:  001-14.jpg
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Finally some color, powder coated in anthracite.

Name:  IMG2_2652-Edit.jpg
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In this second picture, you can see I replace the nut on the picture above with a ARP chrome molly 12 point. I'm using ARP for the entire project other than the sizes they donít make. I added the cost off all the ARP bolts and was floored, Close to $3,000 in bolts

Name:  Untitled.jpg
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More updates tomorrow.
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