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[QUOTE=Rocky1974;6380719]I see lots of people want to compare the pricing of the new Z/28 with the price of the first gen Z/28s. Since it has an all aluminum 427 engine, I think we should compare the pricing with the first gen that had an all aluminum 427 engine, the 1969 427 COPO 9560. The price of the engine option alone was $4100, making the engine option more expensive than the car itself, and making it more expensive than a 1969 Corvette. Those cars were considered overpriced at the time and didn't sell well at all, but they now regularly bring $300,000+. With that in mind, I'd gladly pay sticker for one. This car may be overpriced, but it's certainly not unprecedented. I have no idea what GM's going to have in the these things, but sometimes they build vehicles that, for various reasons, they don't want to sell a lot of, and price them accordingly.[/QUOTE]

Well...niche, special editions are low numbered with collectibility in mind no doubt. Many manufacturers make them, not just GM. Prices are subject to what they come with, not tacked on, padded, or added over or above with the intent of making them costlier and harder to get. Now, dealers, with ADM's, that's another story. GM has no control over them. I saw a 2013 1LE with a $2,995.00 ADM on the lot last week...sheesh..
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