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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Awesome! I like these 100 time more, will these be available in Plasma as well? I prefer the solid plasma look a lot more! Very nice job AAC!
There is a chance of these in Plasma in the near future, will know for sure soon The SMDs on these rings are super-tight so they look more evenly lit than some of the older versions of the afterburners.

Originally Posted by jdcvictory11 View Post
I like them very much. I already have a set of 1.0's uninstalled.... Maybe we could work out a trade/discount?
We can't take trades on old product but they would sell if you listed them in the Marketplace section here.

Originally Posted by sub zero View Post
looks cool , any real pics ?
Here is a close-up shot of the tail lights with the new shaped ring installed:

Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
Just give a couple days you will see a lot of live pics!
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