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Originally Posted by alex70olds View Post
Simply fantastic. Awesome craftsmanship!
Originally Posted by Sales@JDP View Post
Very cool. Amazing workmanship!

Best regards,

Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
How much do the ARP bolts weigh compared to the factory bolts they're replacing? Have you done a weight comparison?
No because that would mean that I had forethought like you which I don't!

Originally Posted by Synner View Post
You would need titanium bolts for a significant weight difference; not worth it to me.
I agree

Originally Posted by snickerdoodle View Post
Anyone have a idea how much weight could be saved via Titanium bolts???
Straight from ARP catalog. See text in the box at the bottom of the page.

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Originally Posted by 14pilot View Post
$20K in titanium bolts would save you about 40 lbs...
Dang that is a lot for very little.

Quick Update:

Control Arms

Unfortunately I didn't take any before pictures on the arms. It would have made it easier to appreciate all the work that went into them. Trust me they didn't look like this before.

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I polished the caps on all the arms including the tie rods on the PS rack (not shown in the pics). When the car will be on the lift I will be able to admire all 6 caps being detailed.

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Once I receive the Pfadt bushings I will replace these. I will also finish cleaning the arm. The perimeter gives you an idea of how rough the arms were.

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What the heck, why not polish the clip for the boot (look closely) while Iím at it. I also polished the tips of the bolt that will be coming through the spindle.

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By the way, I am currently working on the rear sub. Wait to you guys see it. I'm just currently trying to bring this thread current with the stuff I had already done. Te Hammerhead is also looking killer! Stay tuned!

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