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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post

Around VIR...The ZL1 (2:57) is already faster than the standard Z06 (2:58)...this in the hands of Car and Driver...erm...drivers. It's not quite as fast as a Z06 Z07 Carbon, though (2:53).

However...interestingly, Chevy says the Z/28 is at least three seconds faster around the Milford Road Course than the ZL1. VIR is longer than MRC, so it stands to reason it should be even faster around there...but regardless...we're looking at a time of at least 2:54....right on the bumper of the Carbon-package Z06...which is the fastest car GM produces south of the ZR1 Vette...

Don't doubt the Z/28 because of paper numbers about weight,'s the real deal.
Look at what Randy Pobst did around Mazda with the Z07. No way a z/28 will be faster.
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