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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
So you think the Z/28 is going to have basically the same braking system the other Camaros do except for a swap to carbon rotors and ordinary 6 piston calipers? I respectfully disagree.

I think this is an entirely custom system designed for and produced for the Z/28 specifically. I know when I'd looked at upgrading to a 6 piston Brembo system on my 2010 SS it was over $7k and that was not carbon. Even with the cost reductions of economy of scale I'm still thinking this system will be close to a $10k upgrade over the stock SS brakes. It's going to be more than just rotors and calipers.
I was looking at carbon rotor/calipers/pads from a corvette, not the ctsv calipers that I have now. I know there will be other upgrades as well like brake ducting but thats not needed to make these work. The questions I've been trying to get answered are if its a unique hub to get the right caliper/rotor offset, unique caliper, and/or unique aluminum hat on the rotor to get the right offset. I would think they'd try to share as many corvette parts as possible to keep prices down but you never know on a car like this. Eventually I will have these brakes and aint no way I'm paying $10k

I got my complete 6 piston conversion for 1425 that people are paying a vendor on here 2400 for and call it a great deal. People are just scared to piece anything together and do their homework to get some part numbers. I'm sure if you buy a kit from a GM dealer you'll pay a price like $10k, doesn't mean I will as thats not how I'm getting the parts.
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