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CTSV calipers, lines, hardware with ZL1 rotors and DTC-30 pads. Dual cast rotors would have been closer to 1200. To save a grand I'm happy to use a parts fiche and source from many places. For people who ask for a DIY on a CAI install they'd probably be better off getting the kit at that price. For items I need tech support I'm ok paying a more fair price, when I'm my own tech support I find cheap.

So far I know the front rotors are dimensionally the same, only question is the hat and hub. So pads could easily be the same as the vette, same for the caliper depending on how they dealt with offset. The rears appear to be a unique size versus the vette. Brakes pads may be unique as well at least in the rear.

The wheels have a ton of clearance because they're not worried about the concave I need a 3.5" lip crowd. Aint it grand when form follows function?

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