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Seeking 9s on M6...
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I'm falling behind... figured out how to pull the pulley off the water pump...and on my second pump, i figured out how to get the new pulley back on . Actually got this all done last weekend and have been breaking in my clutch this week.

So water pump pulley...first cut off the outside of the old pulley (see pic), then use a 7 ton 3 leg puller to pull off the center piece. Don't try pulling the pulley until the outer ring is cut will just bend. Then heat up the new pulley with a torch and press fit. There is no way to support the shaft on the water pump, so get it hot (I forced it on my original pump and messed up the seal...which i found out after everything was assembled and i was filling the radiator.

Here was my first engine start:

Breaking in my new clutch all this week...should be ready for some WOT runs this weekend to work on the tune.

I have been troubleshooting some vibrations. I started by going back to the stock motor mounts. That actually cleared up quite a bit. I have one last vibration between 4800-5000 rpm... I did inadvertently pull apart the drive shaft reassembling, and randomly slid the spline back in. Local GM service says each piece is balanced individually, so shouldn't be an issue. Others have told me they are balanced as a unit, and it does matter, but i'm not finding the alignment mark.

We'll see, getting a wheel alignment tomorrow for the first time since dropping the rear cradle...hopefully that will fix it!
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