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Originally Posted by sspddmn View Post
Great pics OP. Absolutely gorgeous car. I would love to own a new Z/28 along with my ZL1. Wish we had the Recaros as an option for the ZL1. I want those seats!
Recaros will be available to order at some point through your dealer or any of the GM parts affiliated websites.

Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
Great pics Bad@assCamaro! Thank you for posting these.

Noticed some things from these pics:
  • Door handles are lovely pieces. Great detail.
  • Side view mirrors are beautifully sculpted. Very nice, multiple angles.
  • The front wheel well wickers are hard to see but visible in these photos. Very nicely sculpted and integrated into the front splitter and fender flares (not "flairs"! jezus ).
Really nice detail efforts and should pay great aero dividends. Proof is in the cd when that gets publicized.

Hope they make some pearlescent paint colors available. I think the back end looks awesome BTW.

Thanks for the substance over symbolism GM! Wow, really well done. Lovely car. Solid, purposeful. Puts Porsche to shame. There I said it.

That is one bold statement. It's great the Z/28 could be considered on par with a Porsche. That was unheard of before this release.

Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan View Post
wow , that paint has such a...satin finish i guess...that it really almost looks photoshopped in picture's.
No photoshop there. Au Naturale as the French would say
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
CAFE STANDARDS! Get used to them or vote our electeds in Washington out of office...........
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